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You DO have choices with your children.

If you don't agree with the way the school system deals with your children that exhibit uncontrollable behavior, then keep your child at home and deal with them yourself! A very simple solution. You "parents" don't want anyone saying anything to you child, you don't want school officials touching your child in any fashion, you don't want any kind of discipline that doesn't fit YOUR convenient methodology, so DO IT YOUR SELF! Then...sit down and shut up! At that point you will no longer have ANYTHING to bi**h about!

It absolutely amazes me the mentality of parents that shove their special needs children into the public school system for them to baby-sit, but don't want ANY control parameters applied. A lot of these children have afflictions that display violent and destructive behavior. No, they can't help it, but that doesn't negate the fact that this behavior cannot be allowed to consistently disrupt class progress, much less injure other children, staff and property. These rooms are a simple and benign method of controlling these children during their outbursts and allowing them to "cool off" without physical intervention.

And for the IDIOT comparing the school system following law to the influence of nazi rule? THAT is by far one of THE most ignorant and mis-directed statements I've read on this forum. Congratulations, you get the "Imbicile of the Year Award" very early in 2012!


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