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I can not believe

I can not believe this....You must not have any kids if you say this is ok, these rooms are horrible and if my kids were every put in one I would be pissed! I just read about a 13 year old boy who was put in one of these and commited suicide in it by hanging him self with his belt!! these are young children who are not criminals and should not ever be put in a room like this EVER, if the child is that bad in class then the parents need to be called and the child should go to ISS in school suspinsion and sent home, but never put in a frekin padded you know what that does to a child? they cant process why they are put in there...absalute bull! doctors have done studies on this research it..its all negative, nothing good comes of this ever in any child!!! Im so pissed that ignorant people agree with this, I wonder how they would like to be put in a cell with nothing to look at or do for acting up in work....stupid people stupid schools, they will all be illegal soon enough thank god most states have banned them completly!!!


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