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Then you do it! See that's

Then you do it! See that's the funny thing about these online forums. People like you drop in from time to time and leave your little commentary and then disappear into the woodwork. The funny thing is, you consider yourself "engaged" and "informed". I don't see you taking any action. Your comment clearly states that you would like someone else to headline this effort - which tells us you are not a leader. You are looking for someone to follow - actually you are begging for it. It's ridiculously easy to anonymously leave some post on WWAY about how I'm this and I'm that - and then relish in your apathetic anonymity. That is what is wrong with this town. The very few who do stand up to the government are shouted down by the sheep who wouldn't dare turn off Dancing with the Stars long enough to even go to a city council meeting. I can't say that really offended at your comment at all given that you fit this profile so well. Sorry to disappoint. We are taking action - who the hell else is?


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