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Don't you get it

He is only appealing to force the town into a settlement because he knows he can't file an EEOC case or Dept of Labor Case. It's really all about trying to create a paper trail to show the courts he followed the procedure. He has probably found some yoko attorney who is willing to take his money and is telling him he can win and since the town knows they have done so many others wrong-they just might buckle and give him something just to make him go away. I think he deserves something- but how much? Let's see, he reigned terror, broke the law, humiliated others with lie detector tests, never stood up as a leader and ruined the careers of other officers.............Sherry only got about $20,000.00 after all she went I'd say settle with him for all he's worth..........that would come to a grand total of $.01.

What he doesn't know is that he could just out right sue if he really had a case because if the town has violated any part of their personnel policy then they have rendered the policy void and he doesn't really have to appeal it. But he doesn't have any claim and since NC is a right to work state The Town can get rid of him anytime they feel like it and that is what they did. He just needs to take his licking and move on, just like he expected all those others he got rid of to do.The difference is that the others had legitimate legal standing.

J, it's carma baby! What goes around comes around and it's finally your turn.


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