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Karl Smith

Now that Jayne is gone, Karl Smith, is left in charge. This is a man who has said many times,"Im doing this as a hobby. Karl Smith has know from day one what Jayne and his boys where up too. Make no mistake about it, the Officers in Leland have not seen the s**t storm that coming while Karl Smith and William "Bill" Kozak are gunning things. Its to be like being in high school, you have to be with the in crowd, Im not talking to that person because they dont kiss my ass like Irvin and his battle scars?. Look its this simple, Kozak just leave the department so guys can get back to work and not have to live under your shadow. It maybe BS all the things people say about you but, really just man up and leave and take Karl Smith with you, the problem would go away. Just be a man take your stuff and leave. If you cared a little bit for the other officers that has had to live throught this crap and have to live everyday with the crap that started with you, please man just leave, let them be free from the shadow of mistrust. I leader will remove himself when the leader finds himself the problem. It may be just bull crap that people have made up about Kozak, One thing i do know is that John Holman is a lair and human crap. LETS MAN UP.


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