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Jayne's gone for good

Dirty Little Secrets III

We are not near done yet Taxpayers!
Hollis, here they are! This is what’s left to do, it cleans up, cleans out, a good Leland Police force will remain. A Police force I would feel fine visiting my home. With a new chief that you choose, you have a chance to build a team not based on corruption. This is a fresh start for a new chief, a fresh start for Leland residents.

The Turd list in all their glory!

Karl Smith
Bill Kozak
Rick Dellapia
John Blasingame
X-Michael Landen
Joe Pierce
Ryan O’Connor
Aaron Hall

Hollis, congrats on firing the X- General!
Hollis lets get right to it. While you have been learning the ropes on what’s been going on in Leland, many of us have been waiting on the results from the SBI investigation. We thought the SBI would give us an honest unbiased investigation. Now finding out the SBI never asked the witness about working on Jayne’s home and that’s the only reason they were really sent there. That’s plain out disturbing to me and others in the know. Hollis, ask yourself, why is all of this being covered up and moving at a snails pace. I will put it out there plain and simple the same way I said it in DLS 1, Quote … Government agencies have been playing dodge ball with this case for months now. It’s because of the amount of different scandals it involves over a long period of time, touching 100’s of lives in bad ways, criminal ways, and law suit ways. End Quote. I wrote that months ago and look at where we are at now. It took WWAY staying on this corruption to get anything done. Let me tell you the simple truth, if the Turd list doesn’t get cuffed or at least fired, then there’s been more cover ups and we will start over from there. I know you’re new and you don’t have the time spent with these people in question as I have. It’s true you don’t know who to trust, what is the truth, and you’re hoping the SBI is doing their job. Let me give you a brief overview of what you walked into. “Well if the General is doing it and getting away with it, then I can do this and get away with it, environment.” This was only for the brass and a chosen few though. You can only move up as Landen was by showing your loyalty to well, the X-Mafia boss better known as the now X- General. The department has been run like “Police Academy” the movie, Blow Jobs and all. This “Movement” to rid the Town of Leland of its corrupt Police Department never started out to be about Sherry Lewis case, Myrtle Beach, or Jayne working employees on the clock at his home and other homes. That’s just one crime on the list that needed to come to an end. It’s never been about Jayne personally, sorry General Jayne you’re not that special. This was about the Turd group as a whole, removing them all. The General being fired first, that’s just where the winding road of life just took us to get this party started. It had to start somewhere, and if you get the crime boss then at least the group is, dysfunctional for a day. Lots of good people have paid a huge price for what these Turds have done and participated in. You have a lot more participants in this beyond the Turd list. It involves others outside of the police department. Brenda’s right now out on her hands and knee’s begging to get Jayne’s job back. That should be disturbing to any sane person in this town. But it’s not insane if you’re in Momma B’s shoes right now. The Town has problems way beyond what’s come out so far. You don’t know the shit storm I have put on hold by you Hollis firing the now X-General a few days ago. This was a great step forward for the Town of Leland, but your job is not quite done. I just hope we don’t have to take the painful grind to remove the rest of the turds listed above. A few weeks ago I contacted a national syndicated comedy TV show to get the word out to the nation about what’s going on here in Leland. The situation had literally run out of time, and Jayne’s continued punishment of his officers had to stop now! The contact told me it was on hold until they could do there research on the “now” X-General Jayne, to whether they would do the TV show. Well they have finally answered me today after seeing the latest press release from WWAY TV 3’s “The Rant” with the Dragon Slayer himself Mr. Scott Pickey. Hey Dragon slayer, how does it feel to take down the General? I’m envious Fokker. Mr. Scott Pickey, you know that little clip is going to get you awards. You too Katie, do you know your simply “Awesome” girl. Stick in there and give them hell, as we are not near done yet. Scott, give this girl a raise or something special. It takes HUGE balls to stick her neck out there and say it, like it is. You have both been witness to retaliation under this command staff. Please do not stop until all Turds are unemployed within the Town of Leland. Both of you, Thank you! And the WWAY team, I know this project has taken many on the staff at WWAY. I personally say Thank You to you guys also. It is no doubt in anyone’s mind, that it’s WWAY that has brought the Town of Leland this far. Everyone knows, without WWAY we would not be moving forward today. WWAY, I promise to write the highest person in your company with the same fortitude as I’ve given you in all my DLS post, as to the good WWAY has done for its community. Yep, that’s definitely Emmy worthy Rant Scott. How do I start to weigh the good that WWAY has done for the Leland taxpayers. Well I will tell you how, we will start to measure it in taxpayer dollars not stolen by the X and other Mafia members hopefully soon removed. Thanks again guys! Anyhow back to you Hollis, What do you think the national syndicated comedy TV show said? So we, us, them, me and “you” and the Turd list sit at a cross roads in the Town of Leland’s future. How do you want this to play out? It’s totally up to you. Do you want to end this thing and rid our Police force of these few last turds? As I told you in my last post 2.5 what some of these are guilty of is worse than Jayne’s crimes. I have also said from my first post, I will not stop this until “all” Mafia members are gone from affecting our great town. I’m a man of my word. I don’t want this to drag out over the next few months. We could start talking “Rico Act” or “Organized Crime thingy”. Only takes three, and there’s a way plenty to choose from. I’m sure as many high ranking officers as in Karl, Kozak and Dellapia that were just as involved in this crud as Jayne. Do you think these guys were going to implement themselves in this? Hollis, neither you nor the SBI truly have a clue what’s went on here for years now. It’s huge, its complex, not involving all, the SBI isn’t asking the questions to clean this up. I know Tim was talking to every friend he has in the SBI to shut this down. That’s been talked about a lot lately. Hollis, do you think during any of these Turds interviews they were ever going to tell you that they were involved in this, or exactly what there involved in?

Hollis, I do know about the “good” you have done here, not firing Jayne, the good only a few people know about recently. But you are still clueless about how large this is, what all is involved, who all is involved. Get rid of your Turd list and your problems as a Town Manager is done. It moves on to other people’s problems. Problems you don’t have to answer too at any level. I promise. If you choose to remain clueless, it will start over again. The SBI doesn’t know the questions to ask, or who, or we wouldn’t be here today. This would have been over months ago and the Turd list would not be working here. There have been cover ups and cover ups and cover ups and it ends here or the Turd list will continue to make headlines and you’re the one on TV answering for their actions. When I wrote about “The Criminal Adventures of General Jayne” he was not in this by himself. Some pretty amazing stuff has been discovered since last November when this all started. I’m sure from just what I know alone, I could make a jury go wow! And the Turds in question, they already know what’s coming. There here with there wife’s and girlfriends singing away on WWAY’s post trying to save there own hides. Simply put Hollis, free the Turd list. I give you my word, “we” the good, will be done here. I will ask Mr. Goodman to cease fire, also. This crap isn’t good for the Town of Leland. These are only jobs were talking about for our Town’s sake. These officers are positively dirty, get rid of them, and save our town of more crimes on its taxpayers. Or we can do it one by one on TV. I give my Word to you Hollis; I can’t stop until each and every one of them is gone. You want Leland to play out on national TV, or are you ready for it all to be done, your problems gone. You can have a fair chance at surviving what’s about to take place. It’s your call. Out of everything that is said here, this is what matters to me the most and what I would like my neighbors and the tax payers to think about, it’s what I have to think about.

How I see it, you’re either good or your bad,
1. Either Karl is so dumb he never knew any of this was going on.
2. Or two, he is as dirty as Jayne and he participated in this willingly, and these crimes go on for years.

It’s pretty black and white as the Law should be.

Karl Smith, do you remember how you were announced months ago in Leland’s Dirty Little Secrets 1. If you didn’t get to read it, it goes exactly like this.

3. Karl Smith “I could have done something about all this, but I did nothing, I’m just as guilty”, I can sit back and hope I get Chiefs seat, NY Mafia member

You want to know what you can do for me Karl as a Leland resident. Remove your name from the Turd list by becoming an X- employee. That would be the first step to cleaning up Leland you can do for me. You yourself know, it’s going to happen soon anyhow!

You know Karl, if you were worth a crap at any rank of a police officer, you would have been over at your X boss’ house a long time ago and arrested him, on you know……the on growing list. Just another reason you’re not going to survive this either. No Balls Karl! Katie honey, can you break off a chip of that enormous set you’re sporting and give Karl enough courage to go arrest Jayne. You know Karl, it just might show the jury you’re trying to be an officer of the law, now. Worth a shot, right? That’s right, you’re guilty also. So tell me how does that work? The guilty arresting the guilty. Karl, I bet you do want to move on and leave that one alone. What I can’t get out of my head is…. Lets replay this for Sherry Lewis, she’ number 4 she’s number 2. Karl you could have done something way before Sherry got hurt. While we are talking about that subject “getting Hurt”. Since it was your training event and an officer was hurt at YOUR training event how do you think it makes me feel to follow you as my leader. Mr. she’s number 4 she’s number 2. You did nothing because you were a part of it Boss. You knowingly participated in this, and all in the end, benefits you personally, even Jayne’s exit benefit’s you as I predicted that months ago. You’re guilty as Jayne and you know it. It’s going to be some crazy crap ever how it goes down, I personally can’t wait to see you next on TV. You can always quit and save your family all the embarrassment that we will bestow upon you. Don’t you live just about far enough away to not ever have to face a Leland resident ever again? Works for us here in Leland! I know you are salary and when you were working on Jayne’s boat motor, and you can say that all day long. But where were you supposed to be, thats the point I make to the taxpayers. Tim’s boat motor isn’t towns work. I’m 3 steps ahead of you, and your “Hammer” that will for sure end your career, still awaits its timing!

I know Landen can’t survive this, that’s a given. His daddy Dellapia is next for the spot light from us. The other citizens, they need to know what we have here in Leland working for us. Karl you and Kozak are right behind Dellapia with there stories in third place on the screwed factor.

Hollis, as your community will soon see it, all you have unknowingly done is replace a Turd with a Turd.

Last time I checked, you still can’t make chicken salad out of you know …….. …..!

You failed us all Karl, You watched the X -General break the Laws you were hired to uphold also. Allowing Sherry to be shot up like that on your watch is unforgivable. It’s solely your responsibility, you were teaching the “suspect” class. It was on your watch. Me follow you, Karl, as my leader now! Doesn’t give a man much hope now does it?

WWAY TV 3 You are simply the best!
John Blasingame, and Miss Blasingame, I’m pretty sure WWAY did a story just for you two Monday December 12th. on WWAY TV 3. You can still get it online at WWAY’s fine website. Watch for Cacky’s punch line after the story. X-General you and Blasingame, same question to both of you; how did you like what a real Police Chief has to say about anyone firing guns in the city limits of any town? We know Blasingame, we heard it before, you’re a different breed. Add a notch in Blasimgame belt for why he shouldn’t have ever been an officer to start off with. If he leads by example, well you know what’s unbecoming of an officer, I don’t have to tell you folks that. For those of you who don’t know gun slinger John Blasingame, he is the officer that went out on New Year’s night shooting up his yard in the city limits a year ago. Also he’s the officer that pointed his loaded service weapon at three other officers. Not in a friendly way. I don’t even have to mention Training and Standards debacle that got him sent home. Yeah, that’s him. Neighbors called 911 and complained. The 911 calls are there, check it out for yourselves. You guys at WWAY you know I’m a fan for life if I caught that immediately and matched it up with Blasingame. Can someone send that video to the X-General? He needs to see how a Police Chief should act and what was expected of him and his officers. Too funny TV 3. Come on Miss Blasingame ask one more time why John was singled out. Bill Engvall called. Here is your sign award!

Just wanted to let you know that we are working on something special for you! Remember the man you and O’Connor beat up for pulling in the wrong driveway at the Myrtle Beach bachelor party. You know at your girlfriend’s aunt’s house. We have a special guest that will be attending your trial. You won two separate surprises for something you can’t possibly know about! And to think, that’s not got anything to do with any SBI charges that are coming for your part in Sherry’s crotch assassination, or what comes out of our “Lunch with the Boogie Man” This amongst other charges we are piling up for your case.

Rick Dellapia
Just wanted to let you and your son Landen know, I’m pulling for you two guys. That father son crime team you two have going on. That’s a new one on me. I know the X- General, he eats that stuff up the way you were bringing him into the family. The General thought you two were special. I agree guys! You two are real special to me. You two are my most prized subjects. Dellapia after you read this, please know this sir, your next in line for the spot light. I’ve finally got to see your woman from Food Lion, you’re nasty.

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda
I’ve been meaning to say this for months, please if you ever get back on TV, stop saying you don’t know what’s going on. Everyone on the police force knows your just plain lying. Your taxpayers are soon to know just how bad you’re lying. You know exactly what’s been going on, you always have known. Tell us Doll. Does James not know about Tim and you? Does James not know the real reason your still out desperately trying to save Tim’s job, and the real reason why you really care so much for Tim? And your friends and neighbors think you’re a Christian woman. Boy you and Tim had them snowed didn’t you. Ill say this, your no Christian woman I want my family or friends associating with. You have already failed your town and ignored the cries of your officers. Further than that, you have neglected your duties as a Mayor. Even if you survive this, and I will pray to God tonight that you don’t, are you expecting any of us to ever trust you over the next 3 years of your last and final term as a Mayor of anything? I need you to know Momma B, for months now, after you walk out our doors do you know about all the remaining good officers is ashamed of you? Everyone knows that you and that Yankee growth on you hip Pat Battleman is trying to protect yourselves because you screwed us good officers and this Town by not helping us months ago. Who else did the public get to see hide from WWAY camera’s and phone calls? That’s you Momma B. You have seen what got Tim. You have waited too long to help now. It’s near over Momma B. and you screwed us all over. It took WWAY to stop the crime spree and your special man. I’m currently trying to find out how to impeach a sitting Mayor, and add a board member to the mix for acts, unbecoming of town officials. What you have failed to do during your witness of the crimes is unforgivable. You have known all along, and until this day, you’re still trying to protect Tim and its sickening to us. While were speaking of sick, we can’t forget the X- Bill Farris today, he’s going to eventually get himself a zebra jumpsuit also. Mayor it says a lot about how you have acted. Taxpayers are going to know, Brenda, I’m going to tell everyone every Dirty Little Secret babe. And for what, losing any credibility you had gained in our town. Now you’re risking the livelihood of your real-estate business. For what Momma B, to cover up more for the Turds and their crimes. All you’re doing is smearing your family name. You are going to pay a heavy price for protecting them and you’re too stupid to know it or even see it now. Since schools in session, I might as well school you also. Tell us, what your plan is when the X-General and his fine brass he was always bragging about get some Zebra time in Raleigh pen. Are you going to get on TV and say you didn’t know anything? I’m calling you out again now for the third time. I’ve been provided with lots of stuff from multiple sources that says you’re crooked and play both sides of any fence as like any politician does. Only difference is, these are crimes you covered up Mommy B. We worked to get you votes to be a Mayor, not a mother. You have to follow the laws of the State of NC and not your motherly instincts. Think about that, hey that is your problem. Me personally, I’m going to show you playing both sides of the fence. When I finally seen your actions, I wanted my evidence out before elections, but what good would that have done. I think an impeachment of a seated mayor speaks louder that just getting voted in when there was no one that wanted the job. Others out there tell me they are eventually going to make you look real stupid face to face. You can only guess when that’s going to be. Special meetings, these are the ones, you will remember for the rest of your life. It’s coming ole girl. Stop lying to your public, the tax payers. We are all watching every move you make dumb dumb. You’re too caught up in this trying to protect this bunch of thugs you call your friends. What you’re doing is dragging your name, your business, your family, and this town down with them.

Hey Shooter, Michael Landen
What’s your next career move “jump suit”? I hope you never thought you were going to survive this did you? What do you think there going to do with you? Not Mr. Hollis here, the State. Do you think you can “intentionally” shoot up a fellow officer and everything is going to be ok because the General, Karl, Kozak, Dellapia directed you to. No son, I even know about the details of your meeting the day after your crotch assassination. You know the one where the three of you, You, Dellapia and the General at the picnic table out by the station. You know, where your conscience was bothering you so bad you cried your eyes out not knowing what to do. I know they told you they would protect you. No Son, it doesn’t work that way with us. Look around your protection is disappearing. They can’t stop there own shit storm that’s coming. This is no where from over until “all” you turds are at least gone from this department. From what I’m being told, the State is going to set an example out of you because this can’t be the norm around the State. Nor do they ever want to see anything like this ever happen again. I hear you’re definitely the States new poster child. I’m meaning, think about it yourself Landen, have you heard anything State wide better than your crotch assassination. You got my vote! Yep looks like you may play Zebra in the Raleigh pen. And don’t believe everything the X-General, Kozak, and Dellapia told you. I need to let you know Michael Landen your name is already known state wide now for what you did poster child.

Let’s talk about Landen’s history as a Leland officer. It sure must be an impressive one. Since he is so young, uneducated past the point of BLE Training, but has excelled to a Sergeant level at this young age. Was he a success at the Wilmington PD? No. Not good enough to make it at the Wilmington PD, so just like daddy Dellapia, they both would fit in perfectly in the Leland PD. If you’re willing to show your loyalty to the Family, that is. However, Landens Leland career hasn’t worked out much differently than in Wilmington. He couldn’t hack it on patrol, nor could he hack it in 3 other positions at Leland. So, what did Landen excel in beyond his ability and willingness to violently shoot fellow officer Sherry Lewis, who was a female? He leads the Citizens Academy. Yes, Landen is qualified to teach a group of 12 senior citizens a few times a year on what it entails being a police officer, that’s when he’s not sexually assaulting a female officer.

A Heads Up Leland Citizens, Sherry’s “Shooter” is your Citizens Academy Instructor. You have been Warned! If your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough!

It gets Better, uneducated Landen was promoted to a Sergeant right before Sherry Lewis’ crotch assignation. He was up against three others in the department for the job. Floyd, Pierce and Blasingame are the three. We will exclude Blasingame results from the competency list for obvious reasons. Floyd was a smart, experienced detective and Pierce holds two master’s degrees. Landen made a 100 and Pierce made a 97 I think it was. Fellow officers immediately said it was rigged. And the test being given by his daddy Dellapia , It was. When officers confronted Landen regarding him cheating, he said, Lt Dellapia gave me the answers but I had to memorize them.” Taxpayers do you see why this all has to end, we are paying for Jaynes and Dellapia’s corrupt actions here. We are paying for this with real tax dollars. Real George Washington dollars.

So taxpayers, every paycheck Landen has received at a Sergeant level, when he is only qualified to be in patrol, is more tax money being funded for corruption in Leland. It has to stop. If Holman wasn’t an honest man, there would be two of them, I know of. Number two being, If Holman would have taken the bribe from Jayne to stay quiet about the punch and the mixed drink insult. Taxpayers that would make two Leland officers receiving the higher pay grade before it was earned. Thank you Holman for being honest officer. Where are the charges from the SBI for Jayne using tax payer’s money as payoffs to cover his crimes? In the end taxpayers pay in the form of positions change and pay grade raise to cover up Jayne’s crimes. You’re still too close to do anything, right DA John David?

Lunch with the Boogie Man
Bill Kozak, Rick Dellapia, John Blasingame, and Aaron Hall, this lunch is for you! Well, on you really. Months ago when all the bullshit was going on hot and heavy, the four of you had a lunch together. You guys were having some very interesting conversations at the table. What you need to know here is, the guy, the man sitting next to you, he was the Boogie Man listening to every word. The Boogie Man was there just having lunch also. No reason, just lunch. When he left, he made a call or two, and you goof balls got some calls made to the FBI about you. Something totally new you guys brought on yourselves. Can you remember what you were talking about?

Bill Kozak, Rick Dellapia, I know your getting double tapped with the above and the Sherry Lewis case, you think it’s over and your fat lady has sung. Are you still arrogant? Ask Adam when and if, he comes to talk to you. How that ones going to work out for you. I thought Momma B only forced the General to call the SBI on himself and your boys. Like I said before, Fort Fisher is Federal property. As I know it to be the truth, the SBI is doing all the investigating, and FBI is handling your criminal charges. The good, that’s us I’m referring too, we will be sure to jump in there and bring to light if they miss anything else again. Don’t know who Adam is, you will!

Isn’t so funny now in these later days is it?

Hollis, if you question if I’m real and still here with you, please sir, check this out.
Go look at Jayne’s credit card use for 2008 until the exit. The General charged his car washes to the town’s credit card well, right up until the day you fired him. From what I hear Donna tried to get it stopped a while back. Jayne sent Momma B. and the growth Pat Battleman to the rescue for the Mafia. Then Mayor Pro Tem, Momma B’s went after Donna, Jimmy, and Alicia with her “The Strickland’s run the town” slogan. It was started by Brenda and her hip growth Pat Battleman. Now you know guys, where and who started it! The General didn’t feel he should be paying for his carwashes like every other officer. The Truth is he can’t afford them, and at his rank in the Family you don’t pay for that stuff anyhow, the tax payers do. Hey Hollis, the Leland taxpayer’s, we want that money back also. Will you please pass that along to the SBI with the Towns Credit Card Receipts? See if they want to cover that up also. Hollis, I have one more thing. Tell Lynne we have also discovered why her petty cash drawer used to be off before the eye fell on Tim. Tell her we highly expect it will come out right from now own, since Jayne’s gone. We found out, the petty cash had been used as Tim’s lunch money for years now when he was broke. That’s all the time. And us taxpayers, if that amount can be reasonably estimated, we want that money back too.

Hollis, so what’s it going to be Boss Man. Your Town awaits its future.
Are you going to give us “Hope” or is all we have done is sacrificed the crime boss.

My Mission Statement
I do this because; I love and care about the Town of Leland, really every inch of this Great Country we live in. We have the right as Americans to call out bad Government, to make them answer for their actions. That’s every citizen’s right. That’s my right. That’s exactly what makes this great Nation we live in such a special place to live. It gives hope to all, just as it did for our forefathers. What a great Nation their ideas have created for us today. It gives me personal hope. Hollis “you” give me Hope. You did what No other would do. I thank you personally for that. I hope your slowly seeing the light to what has been going on here. I have nothing to hide, and telling the truth isn’t a criminal act. I’m still just doing my job, protecting my family and the Citizens of Leland from the current Mafia leaders until their all gone. As it stands, all we have done here is had a simple changing of the guard. From one Turd to another Turd, nothings fixed yet Taxpayers! This should be fixed and finished now. Taxpayers, the Turd list is still running your Leland Police Department.

Neighbors, tell Hollis that the Turd list, “they got to go”!
Leland families, your kids shouldn’t have to read future post here of what corruption in the LPD really means. Tell him you don’t want other town’s misfits. It’s your choice, your tax dollars pay them!



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