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Why will you not post this post.. Scott??

Chuck...   What is new about your rant?  It's the same gossip and third party hearsay that has been posted on here for months.  If you have all this information on "corruption" why not post it!  Assault is a crime...  So where is the report from myrtle beach on kozak or O'Connor, if that really happened?  If it did happen...  Now is that corruption?  The definition of corruption is the use of power by officials for illegitimate private gain.  With you being a teacher..  I would think you would have known that.  How do you know that Karl wasn't working on his own time when he worked on the Chief's boat?  Do you have any documentation that he was on the Leland's payroll?  If not, once again gossip/hearsay.   So, now the SBI is involved in your delusional coverup!  So, can the SBI be bought off??  Is that why you wasn't charged along with your wife for embezzlement?  I know they investigated you too!!  Landen and Dellapia are both rehire-able at the Wilmington Police Department are you???  You stated the Dellapia was the next one to fall however, the only thing you posted over and over was that he was Landen's daddy and his girlfriend at Food Lion is nasty.   How mature!!  Is that a dig because you don't have anything else???  Where are the copies of the 911 calls from the neighbors of Blasingame?  Isn't that public information?   It's Mrs. Blasingame not Miss, very disrespectful.  How does a grown man, who is a council member in Belville call other grown men turds?  Why is not one of these allegations supported by anything!!???  You need to take care of your house!  
I'm not responding in reference to anything dealing with Sherry...  It will come out how she lied.  How many different stories she told.  Who takes $25,000 in a settlement....  When there was "so" much evidence to support her claims of harassment.  She was originally asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Her  attorney initially believed her too until he did his own investigation.  Asheville Police Department settled with an officer who recieved sexually explicit text messages for $48,000 and reimbursed her $4,100 in mediation fees, and she kept her job.  Sherry knew he days as a police officer were numbered so she did what she had to do.  We all have people we work with who wants the taxpayers to pay them for doing nothing.   It's the Obama way...  Disability for everyone but the ones who really needs it.  I wonder if she is getting a disability check like the rest of her family?  She knows how to work the system!!  If she was such a great officer tell Wallace to rehire her or is she not re-hireable either?
Your other good buddy Foss..  that you continue to post about.  Ask the citizens of Leland or New Hanover County what a great officer he was.  How many complaints did he have??  Hundreds...  Is he Re-hireable at NHSO??  I think not.  3 years from retirement... So sad!!  
All other news media check their sources and have supporting documentation before ruining people's lives.  Awards....  You should be ashamed!!!  


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