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It's called deflection

The commenters are the ones telling it, not WWAY or its staff. You are angry at the wrong people. Furthermore, instead of being angry at the commenters, perhaps you should direct your anger at your corrupt and philanderous husbands since you seem to be an upset spouse of a LPD officer. Why worry about your characters now with some of the garbage you ladies post on your Facebook pages for everyone to see? Was Mrs. DellaPia going for the Mother of the Year Award with her photo of her downing a shot or was Mrs. Blasingame going for the Wife of the Year Award piled up in some man's lap (who was not her husband) kissing him on the neck at a party? As for knowledge of affairs, criminal activity, corruption, and other wrongdoings, you can't live with these men and not know. In fact, some of the wives have helped to cover up crimes according to reports. If the activities themselves that went on with your knowledge (it's all out now, so you can't say you don't know) ruin your marriages and lives, then a little public scrutiny and embarrassment shouldn't matter. I couldn't live with a drug using, lying, cheating, corrupt police officer ... unless I was in denial. The public's knowledge is challenging that denial and also your ability to live a lie. Direct your anger at the right PERSON. Some of you ladies are beginning to sound like you suffer from Battered Women's Syndrome, the loyalty, denial, and defensiveness is so thick.


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