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Thank for the laugh

Guest99x...You killing me smalls, you killing me. You haven't proved or disporved anything other than you know how to use Google.

I know Dennis. He used to stop by "the big house" for coffee from time to time. He had some great stories of fires in the Bronx during the 1950's and 1960's.

My wife lost her brother on Squad 18 on September 11, 2001. I lost my cousin on Rescue 3 the same day. I attended 54 masses and wakes in 38 days. Doesn't make me special but I have not hid the fact that I am an asshole. But how many people have you pulled out of a burning building when you are not manning up on here? You know how many medals and citations I had when I served? None. I am not a fag, so, I never went to "Medal Day" to have my decorations confered.

What I haven't said is I want a new police chief and the moment he gets replaced by an current employee, scream cover up. I haven't screamed scandal out one side of my mouth while chanting I support the police out of the other side. When the SBI investigation determines Jayne is cleared of any wrong doings or criminal actions, guess that is a scandal of "brothers looking after brothers," right?

I have not seen one person on these rants and raves yet say I am going to go sign up to get trained, try to get hired and attempt to make a change and difference from the inside or first hand.

What I have seen on here is a lot of seriously unhappy people who are extremely paranoid about someone or something is out to get them. Throw away your tinfoil hats and take a pill. Not everyone is out to get you and after talking with my buddy down there, sounds like Sherry didn't have it to go as an officer anyways. If Sherry is as righteous as you guys claim she is, why would she wanna work in Leland? Why not go work for Wilmington PD or Fayetteville PD or Durham PD. Somewhere where you are gonna do some work and not just skate by or be a yard breather. Anyways, if you are not doing anything wrong, you got nothing to worry about. Including jayne. Including kblue and even pickey. And even you 99x.

Sgt Coward...Your type is always the same man. Hang back at the bar fights a little. Not put your hands on someone resisting. You know the drill. People will remember that kind of shit when you are trying to switch shifts for a vacation, or your kids little league game or your daughters recital. Be a really bad day if you called for help(given you actually put hands on criminals) and no one showed up. Yard breathers, like you, always knock themselves out of the box sooner or later. Hope you don't get any of your "brothers" killed in the mean time.

Hey Chef....sorry man, but failing to make the connection of Cain and Able to this thread. I know Cain whacked Able because of Cain's jealousy of Able. But not sure what you were inferring, implying or saying. Able to shed some insight?


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