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Personality Assessment of Blogger – “Jayne’s Gone For Good”

Probably because I worked in the field of human behavior for 32 years, I received a request to analyze the individual’s personality who, on 2-11–12 (?), wrote the 10–page blog titled “Jayne’s Gone for Good.” I live nowhere near Leland, N.C., and do not know the parties involved in the apparent conflict.

First, an observation: It is disturbing that anonymous individuals can post, with impunity, repulsive tirades that include invective like that of the diatribe in subject blog against those who dedicate precious time to public service, against Police Officers who put their lives on the line for their communities, and against just about anyone.

A simple analysis of the words and phrases the blogger used in his rant leads to the following conclusions:

The blogger is male, profane, ungrammatical, intimidating, chauvinistic, an insulting bully, anonymously says things about others that are libelous, has a relatively low level of education, is a coward, a narcissist, is threatening, could use his time more constructively, probably is not a very happy person and suffers from delusions of grandeur. The blogger threatened to take his “Big Story” to national TV. Why doesn’t he start with asking the local station he so enthusiastically supports, WWAY, for permission for him to read his blog on air? If he did, he would suddenly be faced with the reality that his WWAY station has become his NOWAY station.

If the words and phrases, some of them hateful, used by the blogger to attack others were published in a newspaper, or spoken on radio or TV, the writer would be held responsible for his accusations and threats. Why is this not the case when same is posted on the internet?

Final observation and recommendation: Throughout the blogger’s rant, he wrote the words “I,” “I’m,” “I’ve,” or “I’ll,” 93 times. The one constructive recommendation that might help him could be that one month of psychiatric therapy be required for each crude word, each grammatical error, each insult, each threat, each unproven accusation, and for every instance he used any form of the word “I” in his blog. The problem is that therapy alone may not help this apparently troubled individual.

Guess who it sounds like this blogger is and oh yea, Leland Gal you're too smart to fall for what DLS wrote unless you still want him, EWWWWWWWWW


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