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Dr. Blue is "IN"

I sir have never worked in the field of human behavior. BUT! I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. I also received a request to analyze YOUR personality. Like to hear it? Here it go!!

I have come to this conclusion. You're stupid, dumb, ignorant, moronic, slow, uneducated, ugly, and your breath smells like beef jerky and Rhino poop! Did you REALLY count how many times he wrote "I" I'm" I've" and "I'll"? Allow me to add "bored" to the list k?

I think your point was anonymous individuals can post anything? And yet you forgot to sign your long boring post? Why is that? Perhaps we are rubber and you are glue? Whatever you say bounces off of us and sticks on you? I wrote "you" and You're" 5 times. You're<----- welcome that made 6. I also took the liberty to assign you an Indian name, it's a gift I have handed down from my fore fathers. Ready??? (U EM DOE DOE BIRD) Say's who? Say's Kblue!


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