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Tuition increase

The tea party-led GOP in our legislature is determined to gut all that is good in our fair Old North State.

They talk out of two sides of their mouths; in one voice they chant for low taxes; they then cut the budget of our world-class state university system-----which in turn causes an increase in tuition which is really just a hidden tax on students!

The same with the ferry system.

The same with the aquariums.

The hypocrisy of "leaders" (I use the word loosely") like Tom---whoops, I mean T"h"om Goolsby is amazing. Voting for a budget that forces cuts in the UNC system doesn't impact him because his son goes to college out of state.

At the end of the day, an educated population is what our state needs; sadly, an educated population is anathema to Thom and his Tea Party cohorts.

How sad for all of us.


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