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Not for pay

Because I know so many people think tuition increases mean raises, here's the truth of the matter: The tuition increases that have been implemented these past years have been attempts to maintain course offerings after the elected officials of NC cut the UNC budget again and again. Faculty lines have been lost, which means fewer courses can be offered, which means students have fewer choices, which means they can end up having to stay in school longer. Which is better, paying the current tuition rates for one or two years in addition to the standard four because you can't graduate because courses have been cut due to budget slashing, or paying 9.2% more each year which will help assure there are enough classes each semester that will allow you to graduate in four years?

As for raises, the tuition increases won't see salaries go up. Indeed, faculty and other employees in the UNC system haven't seen raises (even cost of living raises) in about six years. In fact, we've seen our costs, as employees go up every year (having to pay more and more for our benefits). The result is that UNC employees effectively earn less each year they work for the system.

Let me repeat: the tuition increases go to improving STUDENT services and class offerings.

So, when I read comments like the one above, all I see is someone who doesn't understand how things work. I also see someone whose mind is made up, which means there's no sense of trying to convince one way or the other. It is someone who has only disdain for universities and the people who teach at them (despite benefiting every day from work that originated from them).


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