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Don't count those chickens.....

...before they hatch.

We may be building toward a repeat of 2008, in which a wildly UN-impressive Republican liberal fails to displace his fellow liberal currently occupying the White House.

If that happens, don't bet on anything. The Socialists would easily retain the Senate and could even win the House back. The long coat-tail effect that gave us this idiot as governor could put Dalton or even that drunken bum Etheridge in to replace her.

If all that happens, then years from now, when we discuss the late, great United States there will be equal blame to go around between the Socialist Democrats and an incompetent, irrational Republican leadership that refuses to field people the majority of their own party can support, and will not attack Obama head on regarding his Marxist affiliations. We can also thank a Tea Party that obviously exhausted themselves in 2010 and are still sleeping off the victory celebrations.


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