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Constitutional Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court has just recently (2-3 years ago) ruled that searches of students lockers, papers, effects, and persons MUST HAVE A SEARCH WARRANT.I have taught my now teen children since they was 4 and 5 years old, to NEVER ALLOW a teacher to touch them in ANY manner, or police officer to threaten, intimidate, or to search ANYTHING of theirs until the school CALLS ME FIRST. And on ALL my kids school paperwork, contact, emergency info etc...that they have the parents fill out every year, I have put this in WRITING as well. That 15 year old girl should have said NO! CALL MY MOM/DAD. And then sued the school, and the person who touched her for assault. Exactly what part of the 4th Amd. did the school and it's so called uneducated teachers not UNDERSTAND?


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