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this is just pointless

my opinion is that the school had every right to do this. there was a tip off that drugs were being held in their bras, and surprise, they did catch someone who had drugs in their bra!!! so it is not like this was something that came to a dead end. yes some may call it intrusive, but it is not like they had them taking off their bras completely or were requiring a pat down. the schools need to do what is right to keep their schools safe, and when it comes down to it, this is what must be done. the article also says a male officer was present, but it does not say that he was the only one present. everyone is saying there should have been a women present as well, but there may have been and the news is just with holding this information to stir up controversy. its like the line from line from john mayer's song waiting on the world to change, "when they own the information they can bend it all they want." i really feel this may be pushing a boundry slightly, but it was required at this time. if this became a daily thing then it would be too much. but for a short time it is understandable.


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