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YOU call THEM stupid?

Yet your post is composed of numerous grammatical mistakes, lack of capitalization and repeated spelling errors? Well, at least you spelled "stupid" correctly at least 3 times. You were trying to describe "human decency" and I simply wanted your clarification on what that is and where it is appropriate. I don't see where girls (or guys for that matter) dressing trashy while in public is considered "human decency". You may have a "pick and choose" variety that depends on your convenient conditions.

I have also not seen read or heard at anytime where the girls bra was ever exposed to anyone. The statement reads that she was asked to untuck her shirt and pull her bra forward with her thumbs. It never said that she was ordered "pull up her shirt".

Reading between the lines and making erroneous assumptions quickly make for abrupt conclusions and inaccurate judgments.


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