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Adult female criminals on

Adult female criminals on the street have to have a female officer search them if it is more than just a cursory search. Why shouldn't a child in the school system, regardless of which school, be afforded at least that much courtesy? Other than a search for weapons, there should have been a parent or legal guardian present. And I only say search for weapons because of the potential immediate threat. Other than that, there is no harm in having the student sit under observation until a parent or legal guardian can be present for a more invasive search.

You never know what the reason is for some of these children to be in an alternative school. I know for a fact that for some of them it is simply a matter of them being better able to function in a more structured system than is afforded to them at a regular school. And I don't think anything like that is enough for a child's rights to be violated in the manner in which was done to this girl.

It seems to me that this girl would have had to pull up her shirt to do what these male officers asked. I would raise holy hell if any adult, police officer, or otherwise even suggested that my daughter pull up her shirt for any reason. I would be raising holy hell if this had been done to my daughter.


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