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Some of you should read

the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision in New Jersey vs. T.L.O. 469 U.S. 325 (1985). This is the case that established the constitutionality of searches of students by school officials for contraband. The court determined that officials must have a reasonable suspicion, but that they also have an overall duty to maintain order and provide a safe learning environment. I think it's a fairly safe bet that this young NC lady will lose her case. In no way were her rights violated, despite the fact that male faculty or staff were present. The technique described here is one commonly used to check for contraband in a bra. There is no exposure. The bra is simply pulled forward away from the chest allowing anything hidden inside to drop free. That is why the shirts were made to be untucked. While it may be preferable to have a female conduct the search, it is most certainly NOT a requirement.


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