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What is really scary here, folks.... This man is representing and is responsible for arranging the SAFE driving in HAMPSTEAD on Hwy 17! His district is the most dangerous drive in the county and he can't stay SOBER enough to drive HIMSELF! What I and others can't understand is why he doesn't care enough about the constituents that put him in office to step down from commissioner! Not only was he dishonest about his criminal driving record when he ran for office,but he continues this behavior! Yes, lying by omission is still lying!

It is a crying shame that he is so little of a man that he tries to suppress the breathalyzer when he was so drunk that he was passed out in the road! I was raised to admit when you are wrong, accept the consequences, and don't repeat the error in judgement... Not only did he repeat it, but he threepeated it!! THREE times? Come on!!!


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