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Yet, another example

So, you've cut the head off the monster at LAPD with the firing (and, hopefully, not the rehiring) of Jayne but the monster still lives on. If we didn't need more proof of the power-hungry, law breaking police department that is Leland, here you have a supervisor, recently promoted to lt, going into a house with a warrant, take property that he had no proof was indeed not the person in the house and arrest him on a summons that didn't require an arrest. Jayne's destruction of this department runs deep and the cancer has spread far - Mr. Hollis, isn't it about time to have the Sheriff come in, disband this department, and start all over again? Do you know how much this department needs to be gutted to cure the disease of corruption and incompetence that just keeps happening? How many more stories like this do we need to hear before you see how big this problem is? The community doesn't trust the police, other police departments don't want to work with Leland, certified teaching officers can't teach at the local college and this department is used at the academy as what not to do in a police department. WHAT ELSE?!?


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