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Jumping on the Band Wagon

To scared to come out and tell the world who you are and how you were violated?

I think Sgt Coward is taking applications for his girl scout team.

Again, go get the training, attempt to get hired and effect some real change from the inside, if you truly believe the rhetoric you guys are spouting off about. Have some conviction and courage to stand up, put on your shield and gun, and go kick doors in all over LA.

Better yet, why not go apply to Charlotte, or DC or New Orleans where you an even greater chance of mixing it up with bad guys and really, I mean really find out, what being a peace officer is all about. Not making light of my brothern in the Leland Police Departmant, because I am sure they have their mutts they have to deal with day in and day out.

But really go to a town where there is the possibility of not making home from your tour and find out if you got the moxy about your convictions or if your another crybaby sissy who didn't get picked at kickball, like Pickey and kid blue.

Again, good luck.


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