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You don't have a clue... to just how violent, uncontrollable and powerful some of these special needs children can be. When these kids get into that mode, there isn't any negotiation. The "compassion" is an attempt to invoke damage control and let them cool off before someone gets hurt by their rage.

What do you recommend? Allow them to hurt other students, tear up school equipment, injure an instructor? You left wing liberal bunch of mamby-pambys talk about "barbarism", inhumane this and inhumane that, but you know what? YOU need to go and be a teachers aid in these classes, get some first-hand, real-time experience and understand reality! Then maybe some "understanding" would befall you and prevent you from preaching about something of which you know very little! Then, tell us then how you much YOU like having a black eye, broken arm, bloody nose AND and entire class disruption!


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