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Cops are doing their jobs

Look here cops in Wilmington & CB are doing their jobs. They are here to protect us and our community. Carolina beach is small town family oriented you have your locals and your tourist. People come to our town to get away! Speed limits are posted for a reason. Yes this is the off season for CB so they are doing what they need to do. If you get a speeding ticket in CB you deserve it if you were speeding. If you weren't take it to court. If you get a speeding ticket it will make you think twice next time about speeding.

I am glad they had so many people on Dow pulled over last weekend! they are doing their jobs. Y'all don't understand speed kills.

Think of it this way if the cop hadn't pulled that driver or drivers over for speeding and that driver(s) hurt, or killed someone or killed them selves how would that make you feel. So maybe that speeding ticket they get could save someones life!

Also on Forest Hills road where the young adults / teenagers were traveling there are speed bumps thru out that whole street. So i am sure they were out joy riding getting a thrill of speeding and hitting a speed bump. Well their joy ride killed them and injured one. Speed bumps are in place for a reason. It's a matter if drivers being smart and not being stupid. Now the families must live the rest of their lives without their kids. Also the parents of the teenager who was driver has it worse knowing their son or daughter who was driving killed not only him or her self but 2 other lives.

Think about that next time you see radar set up!


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