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--80mph or so in a

--80mph or so in a residential neighborhood where the speed limit is 25.
--Speeding through a school zone. Yes I know it was 1030pm but its still a school zone.
--No Seatbelts
--Drugs found in the car
--Driving without headlights at 1030pm
--Trying to evade police.

The stupid shall be punished. The only good thing to come out of this is that these morons did not kill anyone else. This is a high foot traffic neighborhood where people are walking with their kids or dogs at all hours. I am also glad that the oak tree stopped them short before they were able to careen into someone's living room. I do feel bad for the victim's families. No one should have to go through losing a loved one, but everyone in that car was in some way responsible for this tragic accident.

And before anyone says I should mind my own business, well this accident occurred a few hundred yard from my house, so it could have been my living room these idiots crashed into instead of that oak tree.


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