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The level of ignorance

As I sit here and read all of the messages that people have posted, I am embarrased to say I am a resident of this county, (less than a year). From everything I have gathered so far this is the most outlandish county and the police (some not all) are criminals themselves, and how dare them to call out others for breaking the law. Now for the young adults that lost thier lives in such a tragedy let them Rest In Peace, there lives are over and nothing else good or bad will ever change that fact.
I am sure if the people that are posting useless information on here would look at themselves and/or the people around them and check thier backyard before calling out others. How many times have you done something illegal and just never got caught whether it be something as simple as speeding, littering, or something more serious.
To the families of the deceased, my heart goes out to you, and to the children that have lost a parent I know that God can comfort each one of you, because my children lost thier father several years ago (death by military complications). Let the children hold on to the positive memories and keep the negative thoughts and comments to yourself, dont you think that the families are dealing with enough already.
To the survivoir my heart also goes out to you, because you are left behind to endure the pain and constant replays of that night forever in your mind, not to mention the loss of your friends. But God has a plan for your life and maybe he is trying to wake you and God has allowed you another day to get your life together and surrender to Him.
For the citizens of this county: It appears that alot of you need to Grow Up! God has the final say so and the bible says Let he without sin cast the first stone, if I were you I would keep my mouth shut and keep your opinion to yourself, it may be you sitting in the same place one day with your children or family member.


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