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To the people who are on

To the people who are on here talking negatively about people who are deceased and judging them as well. I come right now to lift up a heavenly prayer for it is never okay to do such. Father right now I come to you in prayer for the lives that are lost, they can't rest in peace because of the negativity that is posted on this page. Father God I would like to pray for the souls that are on here talking negatively about the lives that were taken. Let them understand that it was your will despite what they may feel. Lord let them know that judging is a sin, the only one who is able to judge and that is you God.(Matthew 7 verse 1, Luke 6 verse 37, John 8 verse 7) Lord touch their hearts to let them know that they are not perfect Lord and that it is a praying time, not a time to be negative. Lord that if we as a people can join together and agree that yes they should have been wearing sets belts, that yes they should not have been speeding, and yes that they may have been out doing what they were not supposed to that their family IS NOT at fault for their actions and that they were loved as well and leave behind a family that is missing them as well as hurting. Death of a family member is never easy Lord so let their hearts be softened, let the hate and negativity cease because it fixes nothing Lord. God please forgive the negative people for it is clear they don't have the love of Jesus. Father God my heart is crying out to you for change, because this is not your will. God I pray in Jesus name amen. Think about the things you say and do because they can really hurt. And I'm pretty sure the families are going through enough hurt as is, they could really go without coming on here and seeing the negativity and evilness. Devil I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.


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