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Time for action not stone throwing

I understand that this is and should be a very emotion stirring event, but the underlying issue is being missed entirely. The parents and loved ones of the victims as well as the residents of the community should be upset, this is reasonable in everyway. However, the problem is that our kids (our community) are all at risk for hardships if we don't quit dividing. None should judge, rather try to understand and educate yourselves on the reasons behind these strong emotions. These emotions, brought out by feelings of hopelessness should be motivating all of us to do better. If you feel criminal activity and drugs are the cause for this tragedy and risk for further danger, you are so right. So do something about it! Action speaks! Ask yourself why? How can I help? Where are we as a community weak and how can we strengthen? What could I have done to save a life or save other lives? Hello??? We have a rising drug problem in Wilmington! Get off your computer and go make a difference! Join with the "other" side. Offer your help and understanding. Words and money do very little without action! If you know someone that is in trouble, teach them, don't judge them and don't make it excuses for yourselves either. These things don't help. Been there done that! It's time for us to recognize our division and how it effects all of us. Would you help your brother if he needed you? I know I would.

-A mother of four and resident of Forest Hills


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