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SUV VS One Large Live Oak Tree

The Tree Won..
While My sincere Condolances goes out to the Childern and Parent(s) AND Family(s) of these Now, lost Souls...
I have to ask Myself a few questions..
1. WHY were these *ADULTS* riding in Forest Hills,Before entering A Mostly upper-middle class Neighborhood, in a SUV with thier Lights OUT?(before going into the Area?)
2. 1 of these Lost Souls were from LELAND?What were they doing in Forest hills? Going to see Grand-Ma? A sick friend? Or were they making a "delivery", Or were they "casing" the area(s) , in Forest Hills??....
3. Time in question, 10:22 PM at night? Driving with-out NO Lights on Wrightsville Ave.?(IN Addition; NOT WEARING SEATBELTS?! (they *save* lives ya know!).
4.Is it *true* that drug(s) was/were, recovered in/from the SUV? If there is truth to this, what were they, what kind & Amount?
5. Is the "Officer" to blame? *NO*, as he observed a "saftey violation", turned around, and started to follow the SUV, (then possibly pull, then ticket or "WARN" the driver, IF they happened to, for example, LIVED in the area; forgetting to turn their lights on before proceding to their "destination"?)(full discloser, I myself, have done this before once or twice on well lit streets at night, haven't any of you?)
6. We have the Officer turn around,(this is a "divided road" area of Forst hills I assume?) gets "spotted" by the driver & passenger(s), as He, the officer, turns around and begins approching from behind, and BEFORE He can stop the SUV, or even begin turning on His lights/Sirens, the SUV takes off, at a high rate of speed, hitting 80MPH ,in a very short length of time,before running over a "speed Bump", causing the driver to lose control of the SUV, running it into a Huge Live Oak tree, and LOSING.
7. These were, NO KIDS,(ages 22 ~ 30);NOT out just for a "Joy-ride", these were GROWN Men and Young Ladies,(One from Leland?!),Also as some mentioned,Convicted of crimes, you know like; Breaking the Law?,, not just with petty crimes, but very serious ones, some were FELONIES! , "cruising" w/out lights on Wrightsville Ave, then turning on into a Upper-middle class neighborhood, whom then; upon "spotting" Leo, observing Him turn around, flooring the gas at that moment,they, themselves, sealed thier own fate..... Paying, (3 of them), with thier lives...

So lets play, Devil's Advocate here. Going back in time, Officer never sees the SUV, wreck/accident, never happens.

Next day; We read about another series of "car B & E's" in the area, or a Home Invasion, or,

    NOTHING at all, everyone arriving home safe and sound, that the driver did honestly forget to turn-on His lights at/around Writsville Ave? AND was visiting a friend?

Or were they, "up to no good?", which, honestly, I'm leaning towards that Idea;As the Driver attempted to evade/elude the Officer in a attempt to "get away", or from being pulled over.

Or was the driver "drinking", or on Drugs, Or were they;(the passenger(s), "smoking a Blunt"? Or "afraid" Of *Po-Po*,Having run-ins with LEO previously, being the wrong color skin,late in the evening, in a up-scale neighborhood driving around with His lights out, then turning them on, Whoops? I forgot? And panicked, flooring the gas on the SUV to a high rate of speed,

    ( In addition to NOT even seeing the speed Bumps)

hopeing, to; "get away" from LEO?? Leading up to the Ending & the Events that didn't really have to happen.

These and other question(s), that need to be asked, and Hopefully in time, we'll have answer(s) to. Giving the Families "closure", In addition to giving the General public "answers", as to Why this senseless tragedy happened,to begin with; while to hopefully NOT to have another one like this happen again...

We'll know as soon as the toxicology report comes back, even though ****Dead Men Tell No Tales**** ; We still have ONE Passenger that was in the SUV that is still alive,

    (that GOD Decided it wasn't HIS time yet, thankfully)

,maybe He will HELP in the Final investagtion, IF HE Decides to THRUTHFULLYtell what happened,He will give a timeline of events, AND what was happening in the SUV at the time and WHY they were in the area(s) driving w/out lights),Completing this investagtion; leading up to this Tragedy.

Again My Sincere Condolances to the Families of the People related to the Deceased


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