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Some people should be ashamed of them selves

For you people that have nothing better to do than to get on here and talk about how these people were criminals with records and how it's their fault because they weren't wearing seltbelts and how no-one is to blame, but them, should be ashamed to even show your face in public. We all as human beings make mistakes. Yes, some are worse than others, but who is it of you to judge anybody on their past. I'm sure if someone opened up your closet, it would have some skeletons of it's own in there. That is what is wrong with the world these days..Too many people are too busy slandering our young ones instead of lifting them up in prayer.It's amazing that some of you actually sit down and think your comments are justified. Families are hurting, Parents have lost their sons & daughters..Children have lost their Mommy or Daddy and people like you are sitting back saying they deserved it!!! May God have mercy on your soul is all I can say!

To the families of the lost loved ones..I pray God to grant you peace during these difficult times to come. I pray He wraps His arms around you and gives you the strength you need to get up everyday and keep moving forward.God is our comforter durng times of need.



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