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The main focus here is these kids lost their lives. Some of these victims had children. Why would you say such things as they were scoping out what to steal. I think it is ignorant for individuals to be so cold hearted when families are grieving. PLEASE let these individuals rest. We need to pray for these children that no longer have their parents. One lady would work faithfully at McDonalds and loved her two children. I encountered her presence at work while dining there, she did what she had to do to support her children. Pray for the lost. Stop degrading them by making comments about what they were after to steal in this neighborhood. We all were young once and did some things that did not catch up with us. We learn most of the time from our mistakes or choices but God has his way of doing things. Yes they were speeding, I'm not making any excuses about that but they were young and this could have been anyone's young child. A parent may raise his or her child to their best ability but a child will make his or her own choices. So STOP PUTTING THEIR parents down about the way they have RAISED their children. WAKE UP and SHOW REMORSE. I"M PRAYING THAT EVERYONE FINDS Understanding and COME TOGETHER. MY HEART GOES out to these VICTIM's FAMILIES.


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