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Messed Up!!

Okay! First off I see headlights. Now maybe he didnt turn them on till after he seen them but what I wanna know is was going that speed limit worth it?? Okay maybe no license or maybe it could've been other stuff but just simply pulling over would've saved all this. Did he not realize he is also responsible for the passengers in the car or realize two people that I knew personally had children they had to go back too or that someone could've been out there walking or like someone said the battery could've hurt some child in an house?? I'm not gonna blame anyone because at the end of the day we only know what we are told and what we see. For someone to be harsh and say she should've been home and she would be living can shove it because sometimes us as mothers have our downtime and its just sad that two amazing and great mothers had to die on a senseless act like this. I hate the fact some of y'all don't even care and say stuff that are just outrageous. Find something better to do. WWAY please do some more investagating on this story and maybe even get a interview with Demond. R.I.P Tia and Shica.


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