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anyone who see's no harm in

anyone who see's no harm in this or thinks that its a joke must not have children, because whether it was playing or not ITS A BIG DEAL. If in fact the boy accused of being the one who done the rape was just playing then he needs better guidance of right from wrong, because its obvious he's not getting any at home either way he needs removing from the care he’s under now and getting some real help just think if he done this to another child at 5 years old and thinks its ok what will he be capable of doing at 18 and thinking its ok? Before just brushing this story off like it doesn’t matter, try putting yourself in this parents shoes. Even if the child wasn’t harmed physically , think of the emotional damage that has been done to this poor 5 year old and think about how hard it must be for his parents while they are trying to explain to their son why this happened to him.


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