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I just got very upset about your comment. Just bc the police closed the case doesnt mean nothing happened. Theres alot that goes on in that horrible place you call home, and for the record, I do have a college education which is more than i can say about most of your residents in that county. Id say if this had happened to someone in your family, you would be crazy. You have no right to say what did and did not happen. I lived there just briefly, thank God, until I returned back to the real world. And you should be careful what you say did and did not happen, bc the good Lord is watching you too. Just bc someone doesnt have money or bc they dont own a farm around there, yeehaw!!! You and your town, including the police force around there, decide who commits crimes. Your town is infested with crack heads and losers. If it makes you feel like someone to put others down who dont have what you have, then you should stay in the sorry excuse for a town, they called Columbus CO. You dumb rednecks make me sick, why dont you and your precious town try teaching people what right and whats wrong. I think its funny, bc you are laughing at this lady and the issue, while I and everyone else in the real world are laughing at you, your an imbred idiot....


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