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Shame on u mr or ms i dont understand why

U dim wit- she was speaking out- to any and everyone at the time of the occurance however NOONE would pay attention to her. It wasn't until a week later that this news station was kind enough to post.
You do have it right, there are missing parts of the story- such as only one child is supposed to be in the bathroom at a time- or the teacher said it was just a crazy thing that happened- or the teacher said she can't watch them all at one time.
You know kids poke or say i'mma cut you with scissors all the time.. mine licked another in his eyeball... but no, they don't go around putting their genatalia in each's rears. That's learned behavior that's passed on.
Shame on you for placing blame onto that mother. Shame on you for not looking at the victims-- the child it happened to, the children that did it- the mom that has to console her child. Shame on the school that condoned this because THEY are to be the loca parentis while the children are there. Shame on you for your post and for this whole school system that failed the children.


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