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Newborns get erections

Actually newborns can get an erection. All of your doctor's are wrong. My son was 2 months when he started having erections. It is very common in a lot of boys to have erections during the 1st year or 2 of their lives. My son is now almost 4, and he will have an erection every once in a while. If the blood rushes to it (in other ways then sexually aroused), a little boy can get hard. It has nothing to do with them getting horny. But even if the boy wasn't hard, he may of been trying to do something that he has seen his parents do all the time, or movies, or if his dad does it to him. Who knows, but that shit is disturbing. My son is starting kindergarten in 2013, and I would flip out if I found out that happened to my child. I'd be taking a trip to the parents house! Im glad to see his mom took him to see a doctor and get checked out, though. Physically and mentally. Some parents don't give a shit, but I'd be very very concerned if it was my baby. He's 5, so he's probably going to remember this for the rest of his life, and have to grow up in the same school system as the bully that raped him. Man, I would move outta state to protect him, if I were her. Very sad situation.


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