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Good Grief you not understand buddy system? Sending more than one kid to the bathroom at the time is a buddy system! Why should she have to go check on them if she sends them with a buddy? Duh..that kind of defeats the purpose of not loading up the entire class again in the first place!
Just handle your kid's situation at home between you, your kid, the appropriate authorities, and God. He's the only one who knows the truth at this point. I highly doubt how taking this information public has really helped you or your kid. After all, Facebook and other sites were intended for social media purposes, not solving the world's problems! All you're going to get on here are opinions from people who either 100% support you or are 100% against you. It certainly hasn't made anyone look any more favorably upon your situation and it hasn't shut the school down. It operates every single day with or without you! The only person you are driving crazy is yourself.
Like it was said...appreciate your right to public education...or haul 'em or pay for them to go somewhere else! Your right to do so!


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