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Definition of Rape

The definition of rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated by one or more persons against another person without that person's consent.

With this being said and what was described by the parent obviously rape did not occur. It is not physically possible at the age of 5 for a child to "rape" another child. Kids do some of the strangest things at times and a boy trying to pee on another boy is highly likely. Being that his physical anatomy is not developed there is no doubt that his penis would be on the boy's leg to pee on him.

How could a teacher be to blame for something a child does? Kids can be unpredictable sometimes. There is no way that a teacher would prevent this an act of silliness. The problem in school systems today is that kids are not controlled and disciplined at home and when they go to school and misbehave and the teachers try to discipline them they are scolded by the parents and made to deal with the behavior daily. The child also knows that they can get by with the behavior so they continue to act up because they know nothing will be done. Because the teacher has to constantly tend to the disruptive behavior it interferes with the education of other students in the class that actually want to learn. Of course parents want to think their child does no wrong but I'm sorry to say that is not always the case.


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