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In response to your post

My comment is in response to your post in perticular. Your have every right to your opinion but when you post information about what you have read or heard it makes it hard to listen to what you are saying when the words that you are using are only used while texting. Not everyone knows that type of language. I am one who dose understand that type of language and I even had a hard time figuring out what you were saying.
Now as for my comment about this case. I am not involved in it in any way, but I have been in the shoes of bieng a teacher and in the shoes of an abuse victim. Weather it happened or not, I applaud the teacher who stepped up and did her job by checking on the boys in the bathroom. Also when she realized what had been going on she didn't ignore it. She took approiate action by notifing the parent that the incident took place. As for the child, I know first hand the damaging affects that abuse can have on a child. I am, to this day, still working on the affects that my own abuse has had on me. So I beg on behalf of both children to get them both help immediately. I can already see the damage that this incident has caused this poor child already. So I also beg the people who are in charge(i.e school, police, DSS) to quit harassing this boys mother when she is only trying to protect and do what is right for her son.


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