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Politics as usual,Raleigh establishment tries to pick candidate

Politics as usual, this time, Raleigh good old boy, establishment, throwing their weight behind their poster boy Rouzer. Of course, Berger will support Rouzer, because in my opinion, the lines were drawn around Rouzer, he announced he was running the same day the new lines came out. The problem is, I don't think the Raleigh establishment got the memo, the country is going against the establishment and career politicians. Even Sen. Thom Goolsby ran against career politicians in 2010, his campaign handout said "Thom will fight to clean up the career politicians' corruption." We don't want more of the same. Rouzer said he began his political career in DC immediately after college, in 1995. He is also a lobbyist, lobbied for the AG JOBS AMNESTY Bill in 2007, he supported the liberal sponsored bill by liberal Diane Fienstein,of CA. and that was also supported by liberal senators Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy. Rouzer being the career politician and lobbyist that he is, says he does not want term limits, I guess he just wants to get back to DC with his Washington friends and special interest groups and pacs that are some of his campaign donors writing some of his big checks. From what I understand, BIG CHECKS EXPECTS BIG FAVORS. Sorry Mr. Berger, Rouzer's actions are not what I call conservative.


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