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sick of spineless politicians, enough is enough

We are sick of the politician mentality, go along to get along, let's make sure we don't ruffle any feathers, so we can get re-elected, just go down the middle and keep both sides happy. Enough is enough, I am sick of spineless entrenched polticians, that don't speak up for their constituents and this country. We the people, deserve a voice in Washington, someone that has a spine and will stand up for this country and is not concerned about getting re-elected, but is more worried about America losing her soul. America is in grave danger, and it is our generation's turn to step up and speak out and fight to protect this county, like so many generations before us have had to do. Someone like Marco Rubio and Allen West from Florida, someone like Paul Ryan and for me, that someone from the 7th district in NC is Ilario Pantano. He has proven he will fight for us, he already has in 2 wars, while David Rouzer has been playing career politician and lobbyist, lobbying with the liberals and going against conservatives. Our grandchldren's future is at risk, so don't play politics with me, because I'M SICK OF IT.


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