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Being a former student, sounds like teenage rumors

This school changed my life for the worse and it seems like Ashley is doing the same for this family. All these comment sounds like rumors; I’m saying this because if everything you just said was true, the mother would be getting charged for much worse than this. Any mother would have done the same thing especially when the school does nothing to protect its students. Step back and think if this was you, what would you have done? Has anyone ever though the mother came to pick up her daughter because the daughter felt unsafe? It’s obvious because in the news article it states the mother took her up to the class to get her school work, and again in the article it states the administration knew there was tension. So why didn’t anyone walk the mother and the girl to the class? The school did NOTHING to protect the mother’s child from the attack. The child obviously did what was right to avoid the attack by calling her mother. The school took no steps to prevent this. And what I want to know where was the teacher, and did the fight happen in the class room? Being a former student anytime another teacher, or a parent came to the class they would always step out in the hall as to not disturb the class. So if the mother and the daughter were in the hall how is it so that the other girls end up in the hall? Sounds like the daughter got attacked to me.


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