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Is this really worth a few bucks?

Charleston is not going to sit idly and allow us to open a megaport in NC. It will be a race to the bottom to bring in business by lowering the cost of using the port. This will benefit no one. This report shows that the cons way outweigh the pros in this gamble:

"Many of the container terminal alternatives considered along the Cape Fear River (Port of Wilmington, River Road, and Southport sites) would require deepening and widening of the existing channel". The dredging that will have to take place to accommodate large ships will allow more saltwater to travel up the river. This could compromise the city's drinking water since most of it comes from the river. "The new channel alignment may accelerate erosion on nearby beaches by disrupting the existing longshore sediment transport system at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and result in the loss of sea turtle nesting habitat". We are already spending millions to renourish our beaches, why would we want to do anything to exacerbate that issue? Our tax dollars pay for the sand to be pumped onto the beaches and this will cause us to renourish even more often.

"Public health research in California has demonstrated that air emissions resulting from port activities can be tied to negative health impacts, including premature death".

In an economic study, "researchers concluded that the ports studied had a negative effect on employment and poverty rates in the nearby neighborhoods". Is that what we really want for Brunswick County?

We don't have the infrastructure to move anything from the port, so it will cost additional money, time, and land to develop the infrastructure to move these goods.

Is there anything about this port that is worth all of these consequences? We don't need this port. All of the Environmental Impact Assessments have shown that this port is nothing but bad news and the proponents of the port just keep paying to have another assessment done hoping that the results are different. Let's invest in ecotourism and other businesses that will support our community without all of the associated baggage of a port.


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