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This is a guy that while on patrol, he and his men stopped a car of civilians from another town coming to see relatives. The car was searched twice by Marines under his command and nothing was found.
The Marines said Pantano was upset that nothing was found and went around the car breaking windows and lights and slashing the tires. Accordinging to testimony, he was still mad and told the members of the squad to form a perimeter facing outward. One of his NCOs said he thought they would be let go because they had no weapons and did not appear to be a threat. The men were on their knees facing the car.
In a matter of seconds the troops heard Pantano empty a 30 round clip, reload, and empty 30 more rounds in the men. He then put a sign on them. That is 60 rounds for two men.
At no point were they a threat to him, and the judgment he used combined with his uncontrollable temper should have disqualified him from leading men anyway.
This speaks volumes as to his suitability to govern due to his poor judgment and volatility.
He is not even from here. He is , if you will, a carpetbagger that worked for Goldman Sachs. Is this what we want?
He is another Brian Berger waiting to happen.
Where does he work, anyway? Or is he just running for congress all the time?
Think before you vote. Go online and look a some of the pictures his wife posed for working for Robert Mapplethorp.
This is not a good person.


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