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What a load of crap!

1. They had just exited a nearby home which, when searched, contained a wealth of intelligence relative to al Qaeda in Iraq and material for constructing IEDs.

2. The men were NOT on their knees, but were advancing toward Pantano. This was proven by the autopsy conducted by the Department of Defense.

3. A full Article 32 investigation resulted in a recommendation for ONE minor charge, conduct unbecoming an officer. It was so minor that the convening authority chose to prefer no charges.

I vote for McIntyre all the time and will this time, but I don't understand why you people are so scared of this guy that you have to make up incessant LIES about him. If you can't defeat him with FACTS, you simply lie.....which makes you a man that is devoid of honor and integrity.

So why would ANYONE listen to you? You're as worthless as those Republican idiots who claim that McIntyre is a liberal!


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