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Well said

I can tell ya this it makes me nervous if I have to come across the Cape Fear Memorial at night driving into borderline ghetto/hood that lies along the Wooster/Dawson corridor there. The neighborHOOD is the problem not the bar itself. Forgive me if Im wrong but didnt they just have at least one major shooting incident at a grocery store right there on Dawson near the bar? Maybe we should investigate the store by ALE because obviously something was amiss at the store for this shooting to happen. Heres the damn problem. Its the same problem as it was with the incidents downtown and over at 609 on Market Street. The hoodrats have no respect for life. You look at somebody wrong and they pull a 9 on you and blow you away all because some percieved disrespect by somebodyelse. The sad thing is as a whole the black community are much more religious and church going then white people Id dare say but sadly that message to respect life and other people in general never seems to get between the thick skulls of the youth who care more about their gang family then they do their own flesh and blood but the truth is the gangs wouldnt flourish if parents put their foot down and in some cases up the rear-ends of their children. Quit making excuses for your childrens actions, hold them accountable at a young age instead of "kids will be kids" well kids being kids has seen 9yr olds killing each other in some cases. Its gotta stop. The African-American community complains that Republicans are out to harm them and take away their services when the Democrats want you to be subserviant to the government and needing them to get by. Me personally I think there is some truth. When you punish a woman by cutting her benefits when shes tryign to get ahead and move up to self-sufficiency that to me speaks volumes about trying to keep people down. Im all for a safety net but one that helps people get on their feet (IE helps them with child care costs while they go back to school, doesnt cut their benefits if they are trying to become self-sufficent and definitely not one that encourages them to continue to have child after child out of wedlock just to get more money). You dont have to take my word for it. Listen to Bill Cosby or Thomas Sowell or other well respected African-Americans who believe its time to stop making excuses for the behavior of children and hold them accountable. Stop blaming everybodyelse and try looking in the mirror occasionally because like it or not the examples you set for your children are the ones that are the most lasting.


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