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sexual assault in schools

First of all, I am so sorry that this happened to this young girl. I know if it was a member of my family I would furious. But in the school officials defense this could very easily happen anywhere (not just in schools), and the blame can be pointed in several directions.

Every parent should sit down with their kids and explain to them how serious actions such as these are and if they are involved in such actions how severe the consequences will be. Children are smart and most of them are well aware that if something goes wrong at school their parents' first instinct is to blame the school or teachers. The boys that committed the assault in this case probably knew there would not be any consequences for them, otherwise they would not have done it.

One teacher, who is responsible for 20-30 students, cannot watch every student every minute. There may be one student sick in one area (vomiting, etc.), two asking to go to the restroom at the same time (and oh yeah, please keep in mind if the teacher does not let them go and there is an accident, there is another news story), one is crying because she/he was kicked by another child, and the list goes on and on.

Until the state school board recognizes the fact that class room sizes need to be drastically reduced or should have teacher assistants for all grades, problems such as the one above will only increase.

So parents, use the energy you have to blame others to contact the North Carolina Board of Education, your Congressman, or House of Representive to complain. And don't forget to educate your children at all can't be done by the teachers at school.


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