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Mom -

I can feel your pain over what is happening with your daughter, but why did you bring it out in public like this and put that child in a position to be recognized? Not only have these boys emotionally devastated her, but you did so by going public.

If I hard to start over, my child would never go to public school. Not enough people are looking out for their welfare, and the quality of some of the teachers and administrators are questionable to say the least. Yes, you have good teachers. I know some of them and their life is wrapped up in the kids, but you have some just biding their time or been there so long, they have lost their love for the job.

It is time for parents to take a stand against this type of behavior. The schools need to stand up and put a stop to it instead of burying it under the paperwork and privacy issues.

Parents - you need to know what your children are doing, and if your sons or daughters are involved in this, you need to deal with them swifly and harshly. Get them some help before it escalates.

My daughter is 30 now, but when she was in school, I told her that if a boy ever touches her in a way that makes her uncomfortable or fearful for her safety, to hit him with whatever is handy or knee him so hard he will remember it for a long time. I told her then we would deal with the school at that time.

Young men and women - you have no business laying your hands on anyone for any reason other than self-defense.


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