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He/she doesn't have a clue what they're

talking about and I'll go you one better: their response was mostly rhetoric. The whole "poorly educated and poorly skilled work force" bit dates the writer to the point I have to wonder if they still wear Member's Only jackets. Sure there are people here who can't check the oil in their car but one can't categorize hundreds of thousands of people based on a few. Education alone - Wilmington, as the not-so-joke goes, has one of the best educated wait staffs you can find. CFCC, and at least three other community colleges within roughly one hour's drive, can supply highly skilled workers. The high schools alone do a decent job of offering electives in electronics and auto mechanics among others.

The OP, like many others, thinks they are the first person to move here. You do not even have to rely solely on the local talent pool in an area such as Wilmington. Have you ever seen the stacks of resumes that come in for even entry level jobs here? It's quite shocking the things people are willing to give up to relocate to Wilmington. That's one of the reasons it's tough to find gainful employment here when one is early in their career. When you apply for a job that requires a four year degree and one to two years experience, you're competing against candidates with graduates degrees and ten+ years of experience in many cases.


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