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Poor choice of words on my part

In hindsight and after being smacked around by my wife and some friends who saw the "Rant" on TV. Much of what I wrote I based on 20 years experience through my employer who often laments that he regularly has to recruit personnel from the Triangle or Charlotte area and beyond to fill skilled and/or technical positions. Perhaps the shallow labor pool for manufacturing reflects the shallow job market for manufacturing jobs.

I agree that CFCC is a great school and has come very far in a short time. But that knowledge isn't staying here. It is going elsewhere for opportunity.

I don't agree about tax relief, a lot of companies do business in this state and more are moving here. Our corporate taxes are .9% higher than Georgia. But our workmanscomp and property taxes are much lower than Georgia. I'm not seeing us at a huge disadvantage in that respect. Georgia has a significantly higher debt load as percentage of GSP than North Carolina. Giving tax breaks and incentives come at a cost.

I do agree about infrastructure. Very poor in this region much of that is due to neglect by the state and some is just geographical.

Wilmington is still a beach town on a dead end road. I'm not a native,I'm from the middle of the state. I have been in and out of this area all my life and it never was an area of large scale manufacturing to begin with. Forestry, boat/ship building, ports services,agriculture and military support has been the anchor industries.

Wilmington has marketed itself as a retirement town and that is our growth industry. People from new england,upper midwest or where ever are making a significant investment of their financial resources here. Like Caterpillar or Titan they expect a return on their investment. They don't want industries like Titan here,I can't say that I blame them.


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